Cool site allows you to interact with actual commercial air traffic data

The Luciad web app all you to interact with 24 hours of actual flight data

The Luciad web app all you to interact with 24 hours of actual flight data

I am a commercial aviation geek. No bones about it, so I might as well own it. When I saw the post on Gizmodo this morning about a site that allows you to interact with actual graphical commercial flight data and play air traffic analyst, I had to check it out! And they are is very cool! Useful? Perhaps not so much, but definitely a mini-time sink filtering on different airports and airlines.

Put together by Luciad, the app visualizes a full 24 hours of flight data — made up of over 3,500,000 recorded positions — and allows you to pan, zoom and filter the data any way you choose.
— "This Interactive Web App Lets Your Play at Being an Air Traffic Analyst" -

The web app by Luciad takes a 24-block of Flightradar24 data and visualizes it  over a world map.  I was intrigued watching the change in flight patterns as the day wore on. Filtering on Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Delta Air Lines, it was very interesting to see the redeye flights spurting out of the western part of the U.S. overnight, headed east for their early morning arrivals. The underlying map resolution was not such that I could zoom into my mom's house, but the approach path highlighted why you can stand in her driveway and watch a stream of airliners on approach into ATL. I am not sure you will derive any deep insights from this site, but it a fun way to waste a few minutes if you are fascinated with commercial aviation like I am.

Posted on October 6, 2015 and filed under Commercial Aviation.