British Airways AARP and Chase credit card discounts extended

Get big discounts on British Airways with the Chase British Airways Visa and AARP discounts

Get big discounts on British Airways with the Chase British Airways Visa and AARP discounts

Million Mile Secrets is reporting that British Airways is extending the 10% discount on flights paid for with the Chase British Airways card. This discount continues to be stackable with the AARP discount that I have written about previously. The AARP offer allows members the following discounts on British Airways flights:

  • $65 for round-trip coach flights
  • $130 for round-trip Premium Economy flights
  • $400 for round-trip Business Class or First Class flights

You don't have to be retired or even retirement age to join AARP. Despite a cashier last week asking if I would be getting the senior discount - that's an entirely different rant,, I joined AARP for $16 last spring in order to book my flight for my Deutschland Adventure vacation. Unfortunately, I did not have the Chase British Airways Visa Signature card at the time.

These discounts are good on British Airways and British Airways codeshare flights operated by American Airlines and Iberia Airlines. You can also use this offer for flights on the British Airways subsidiary, OpenSkies, like I did.

These discounts provide a good way to get a great deal on paid business class. With such discounted fares, saving frequent flyer miles for later and paying what comes close to an economy fare - while earning frequent flyer miles to boot! - could be a good choice for you. My experience on OpenSkies was fine, but I am not a routine flyer in premium cabins. Naturally, any international business class would be better than my coach experience on my first trip to Europe in 2014. More seasoned flyers, however, have panned British Airways business class. Your sensitivity to those shortcomings may differ, but it's best to do your homework before choosing which airline's metal you will fly.