Welcome to the blog!

From the rooftop of the Printemps department store in Paris.

From the rooftop of the Printemps department store in Paris.

Welcome! I am Derek and am the owner of Debrian Media.  I am a native of and live just outside Atlanta, GA. As much as Atlanta is home, I love to travel and see the United States - I have been to 48 states and am only missing Alaska and Hawaii. Recently, I have developed a budding interest in international travel, visiting Europe for the first time in 2014. Unfortunately, travel is only a hobby and not my career. I currently work as a finance manager for a Fortune 500 company. While I am hardly rich by any definition, I am blessed enough financially and am at a place in life to be able to indulge my travel interests. It is that background and perspective that I will bring to my twist on the "travel blog."

The content I will seek to bring to Debrian Travels is that of the travel experience. Experience means different things to different people. For some, it is the basic exploration and discovery of new and unique places. and experiencing a destination's history and culture. For others, it is indulging in the pleasures of travel - first class airline tickets, five-star hotels, luxury spas, etc. For still others, it is engaging in local sports or activities that can't be had at home. For me. as a commercial aviation buff, I am fascinated by not just planes but also the industry, so I enjoy the entire airport and airline experience. In total, the experience to me is a little bit of all of that and I hope to expose you to the things I seek out on my travels. With an interest in multimedia arts - photography and videography - I will document and showcase these travels for you. I will try to bring the point-of-view of the passionate travel hobbyist but one who leads a fairly regular life like the vast majority of my readers.

Another component of the blog is an aspect I greatly enjoy about travel - planning. It is rare that I do not rebook parts of a trip multiple times as I optimize my plans. I have recently took my pursuit of travel rewards miles and points to the next level and I intend to cover my efforts to accumulate travel rewards that help to enhance the various dimensions of the travel experience. Some consider this the least appealing part of travel. I will offer tips, lessons learned, techniques and links to information and tools to help you develop this part of your travel skills portfolio and perhaps make it, if not fun, less burdensome.

Finally, I may sprinkle relevant bits of my other interests as they intersect with my travel experiences and planning. In my spare time, I enjoy computing, investing, reading, volunteering with the technical production team at Cross Pointe Church, working around my house, attempting to play tennis and spending time with friends and family. I am a die-hard Georgia Tech football fan and have had season tickets since 2000. I am approaching my 100th consecutive game, home and away, so you can imagine that there has been quite a bit of travel for the many road games over the years! I actively follow Formula 1 racing and am a big fan of Scuderia Ferrari. I am very active on the Internet and you can find me online in a variety of places under the handles FinanceBuzz, WirelessBuzz and occasionally GraysonBuzz.