Great Circle Mapper: fun and useful tool

Over the weekend, Million Mile Secrets (a great blog on miles and points travel) posted about Great Circle Mapper. I have used this tool for some time now, mainly to visualize the flights I have taken over the years.

Flights I have taken

Flights I have taken

MMS points out some useful travel planning features that I did not know about:

Using Great Circle Mapper, you can search:

- Distance between 2 or more airports
- Areas within a specified distance of an airport (great if you need a certain number of miles to earn elite status and are planning a mileage run!)
- Estimated flight time for a specified route
- Detailed airport information (airport codes, runway data, time zone, latitude and longitude)
- Pilot flight planning information (aviation weather, extended operations, and technical data)

The post goes on to provide instructions to use the tool. If you are planning a trip and need more detailed airport information or are just an aviation geek like me, check out Great Circle Mapper!