My summer vacation: the Deutschland Adventure!

I am headed to Germany this summer!

I am headed to Germany this summer!

The Deutschland Adventure

With Memorial Day behind us and the official start of summer approaching, thoughts turn to summer vacation. On this Friday last year, I was in London and was leaving on an evening Eurostar for a weekend in Paris. It was my first trip to Europe and I never thought I would be going back so soon, but I am! My 2015 vacation will take me back to Paris for a couple of days and then onto Germany for about a week. I have a penchant for naming my trips and I have dubbed this one the Deutschland Adventure!

I had long dreamed of going to London and, to a lesser extent Paris, but I had never really thought about Germany as a travel destination. In fact, until last year's trip I was not really interested in Europe beyond those two cities. I was more focused on a bucket list trip to Asia. But last year's experience completely changed my perspective. Throw in the fact that I was captivated by the photos my sister shot on her trip to Germany in 2013, I decided to retrace her footsteps. 

Now, I am not the kind of person that can "vacation in Europe" annually. While I do ok in my day job and while there are ways to keep expenses manageable, these trips, especially when lasting two weeks, do get expensive. I could not do it frequently without leveraging travel awards using points and miles! One of my motivations in starting Debrian Travels was to document how you too can take such amazing trips and enjoy a taste of upper class travel on a middle class budget. I will be posting several articles over the coming weeks outlining my planning process and my decision-making between using awards and paying for travel. (All this planning is why I have had less time to make posts on the blog in recent weeks! That and a new girlfriend but I can live with those trade-offs!) Of course, I intend to document my trip as well! So join me as I plan the Deutschland Adventure! Hopefully, you can get inspired and gain some ideas for your own adventure!