Seven technology travel tips for the seasoned traveler

If you travel with technology - and if you are reading a travel blog, you probably do - you are likely eager to read useful tech travel tips. Huffington Post has published an article just for you: 7 Airport Tech Hacks Every Traveler Should Know!

Some of these tips are pretty much common-sense for the seasoned tech traveler, but a couple stood out to me. 

Charging your phone in airplane mode - I had not heard this, but it makes sense. When your phone is in airplane mode, the cellular radios are turned off. These radios can consume a lot of battery power so, by reducing the battery drain while charging, your phone will top off faster.

Trakdot luggage tracker

Trakdot luggage tracker

Securing your luggage with a digital tracker - I was not familiar with the Trakdot but this is an intriguing type of device. You place the Trakdot (or other tracker) in your luggage which then informs you of your bag's location. I am not sure just how useful this would be - would an airline use this information to track down a lost bag? - but I can see how it could bring peace of mind.

Two of the tips can be accomplished by using the right travel rewards credit cards. if you want to gain access to an airport travel lounge, a few of the credit cards that come with lounge access as part of their benefits (among other great travel rewards) include:

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