Breakfast in Savannah, GA

A Weekend in Savannah

For Independence Day weekend, my wife and I took a road trip from metro Atlanta to Georgia's coastal gem, Savannah. There are many reasons to visit this deep South city, and one of those is the selection of wonderful restaurants the town boasts. I discussed our dinners in a previous post. In this entry, I will discuss our breakfasts. Yes, there has been quite a delay since the last installment in the "A Weekend in Savannah" series. Unfortunately, that's the reality of a hobby blog! The good news is that food in Savannah is always awesome and these restaurants have been around for years and should be for years to come. Hence, these reviews are not time-sensitive.

Our hotel, the DoubleTree Savannah Historic District did not provide free breakfast so we had to find a place to eat each of our two mornings. In a city like Savannah with great eateries, this was a nice "problem" to have! I certainly did not want to settle for the hotel restaurant so we ventured out each day.

Goose Feathers Cafe: A great breakfast spot in downtown

Saturday morning, I checked Yelp for good breakfast options within walking distance of the hotel. One choice that stood out was Goose Feathers Cafe which was only a 5-10 minute walk away. The cafe is located just off Ellis Square and we strolled over through City Market which was quiet and deserted, unlike the evening when the area is hopping. Once we arrived at the Bernard Street address, I immediately remembered having breakfast there two years ago when my then-girlfriend and I took our first trip together to Savannah! I was glad to return because, while I could not remember what I had eaten on that visit, I did remember enjoying the meal.

Goosefeathers Cafe is a great Savannah breakfast spot (click to enlarge)

There was a line when we arrived but it was short enough that we were inside the building. By the time we left, the line had begun to stretch out the door to the sidewalk and seating was at a premium. Such a crowd is usually a mark of quality!

I had a tasty breakfast burrito. (click to enlarge)

You order at the counter and they deliver your food to your table. We were able to place our order fairly quickly and found a spot by a window. Unfortunately, our view was of a side alley but you can't have everything. I ordered a breakfast burrito and coffee. The burrito was topped with salsa and was tasty and filling. I am not a coffee connoisseur - though as often as I go to Starbucks I should be! - but the coffee was just fine. My wife ordered a bagel breakfast sandwich and the kids rounded the meal out with a selection of waffles, fruit (my stepson loves fruit and vegetables!) and sausage. The meal must have been good for them as well, because I did not hear any complaints. Goose Feathers Cafe is not fine dining but it is far better than a greasy spoon. I will gladly return here on future trips to Savannah!

Goose Feathers Cafe offers numerous options for breakfast. (click to enlarge)

Huey's on the River: A bit of New Orleans in Savannah

When I think of New Orleans cuisine, my first thought is jambalaya, étouffée, and po-boys in a French Quarter café. Well, if you are in Savannah, you can get a taste of New Orleans right on River Street at Huey's on the River. And that is exactly what we did for breakfast on our last morning in town. We were seated in the "greenhouse" area looking out on River Street and beyond to the Savannah River. If you have not had Cajun/Creole for breakfast, you are missing out. Back when I traveled to New Orleans every spring, having brunch at the Palace Cafe was a tradition. I was excited to find some of the same items that I enjoyed at the Palace Cafe on the menu at Huey's!

We started with beignets to share. For me, the gold standard of beignets is Café Du Monde in New Orleans. Huey's take on the dish was good, but far short of that gold standard. Our beignets were not quite as fluffy and soft as I like, but more on the crispy side. My entrée was an item I have eaten multiple times in the Big Easy - pain perdue which is essentially french toast. My plate had three long pieces of french toast topped with powdered sugar and pecan butter. There was a cup of Smuckers breakfast syrup on the side. That brand is fine, but I would have preferred the syrup not be presented in its packaging. The butter had subtly sweet flavor and enhanced the dish. I also ordered andouille sausage on the side. These were thick, long pieces, cut in half and grilled to a slight crispiness. My wife and stepkids opted for more traditional breakfast fare: eggs, ham, cereal, and a bagel. 

I can't say that anywhere is a true substitute for New Orleans dining, but if you can't make it to the Crescent City and you find yourself in Savannah, Huey's on the River is an excellent alternative. The food is delicious, the portions are generous and the River Street location is great. If you try Huey's, I don't think you will be disappointed!