Savannah, Georgia's coastal gem

Oaks draped with Spanish moss line the sidewalk along Bay Street. (click to enlarge)

A Weekend in Savannah

Unless you live in an obvious tourist mecca like New York City or Washington, DC, I would think most people have a hard time imagining home as a travel destination. I know I do. As an Atlanta native, I just don't see coming to Atlanta from elsewhere in the country merely to visit. I have visited Savannah, GA many times over the years and even spent the better part of the summer of 1983 there when my dad was working in the city. As a result, I don't fully grasp what an attractive destination the city is for those more than a few hours drive away. However, as I grow older and travel more extensively, I appreciate what a gem Savannah is and why it is a destination that draws people from around the country and the world.

Feast on a low country boil at The Crab Shack on Tybee Island. (click enlarge)

Savannah is unlike any place else in Georgia. When I am there it is often hard to believe that I am in the same state in which I live and work. Savannah blends a deep and layered history, laid back Southern charm, and wonderful cuisine in a way that play off one another. There are many things to see and do, and, for those of us who with easy access, these things make Savannah a city to which you can return over and over. When I go, I hit old favorites that never lose their draw but still discover new experiences that can make each trip a new adventure.

Stroll historic River Street along the Savannah River. (click to enlarge)

This past weekend, I visited Savannah for a short weekend, the first family road trip since I got married in February. While I have travelled with my wife and her kids, this was our first experience with all five of us traveling as a family and piled into a single room (no sharing rooms with the kids before the marriage!). This was going to be very different from my previous visits!

In the a series of posts, I will review our activities, where we stayed and where we dined. I will probably throw in some significant sites from previous trips that we did not have time to see this time, but will likely visit again in the future. So come join me and see why Savannah, GA should be on your travel itinerary whether you are a four hour drive or a four hour flight away!